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HBO's Rome Stamp

Who are you in the rising empire?

HBO's Rome Stamping
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Find out which HBO's Rome character you are most like!

& w e l c o m e.

Are you a fan of HBO's Rome and want to find out which character you most resemble in personality, likes/dislikes and even appearance? Then please read the rules and submit an application!

Your Mod: bandita

& r e g u l a t i o n s.

01. You must join the community to submit an application. All submissions are moderated.
02. No fighting or insulting members. You get one warning, then exile. So sorry.
03. Please fill out the application form as thoroughly as possible. It makes voting more accurate.
04. Please vote on three unstamped applications and place the links to those votes in your application. If there are not three available to vote on, then vote on as many as are available.
05. When posting an application, please make sure you use an LJ-cut. It's included in the application, so please use it! Also, have your subject title say something about "Jupiter's stone", just so I know that you at least glanced at the rules.

& r a t i n g.

01. Please vote one character on someone's application.
02. While so-called "sheep voting" is discouraged, if you happen to agree with other voters, don't worry. That said, please try to give a brief explanation of your vote.
03. You may vote someone as any character appearing in the series at any point, during seasons one or two, or both.
04. Please bold your votes. Do this by placing <*b> before a name and <*/b> after a name - remove the asterisks.
05. Please do not screen your votes.
06. You'll be stamped after 5-7 votes the same way or 7 days, at which time you'll be stamped by the majority vote.
& y o u r i n f o r m a t i o n.

Please just cut and paste the text into a new entry.

Theme #1 - Matchmaker - view the rules and application here.

If you so desire, you may apply for a re-stamp twice. Do make sure you indicate who you were previously stamped as, so that people know who not to vote you as.

& g r a p h i c s.

The stamps will be made as they are needed. Also, please DO NOT hotlink/direct link the stamps! Save them and upload them to your own webspace, please.

& l i n k s.

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