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Hey everyone,

First off, I want to apologize for being such a terrible mod - I can honestly say that grad school has been a huge factor in this, but things should become much more manageable in the coming semester. That said, I want to remind you all to vote on all current unstamped applications, as well as submit your own application if you haven't yet. It seems that the community has grown considerably in the past few months, so I'd love to see more people get stamped.

Again, my apologies for taking so long with stamping and theme creation, but I sincerely appreciate your patience. Everything will hopefully be attended to by next weekend's end.

- bandita, your Mod
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The Whole World Went Silent
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Hey guys,

First off, sorry for the delay in everything around here. To make a long story short, grad school is a bitch.

Secondly, the next theme will in fact be "Enemy". I will try to get the application for it written within the next few days.

Finally, there is still a regular application with only one vote. The next theme won't be starting until that app is stamped.

Beauty in the Reveal
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Hey guys,

First off, there's currently a regular application that needs votes, so please do take a second to vote on it when you can.

Secondly, I think it's about time for our next theme! So, that means another poll. Please participate in this as well. As always, if you have an idea for a theme that's not listed here, just leave a comment on this entry.


Poll #1455049 Theme #2 Poll

What should the next theme be?

Mirror - which character do you physically reflect the most?
Minor Character - which one are you?
Enemy - which character would be your biggest rival?
Opposite - who are you least like?
Other - elaborate in comments