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08 March 2010 @ 10:18 pm
 To begin, please vote on three previous unstamped applications (if available) and place the links here:

#1 - http://community.livejournal.com/rome_stamp/8148.html?view=17876#t17876

#2 - http://community.livejournal.com/rome_stamp/8289.html?view=18017#t18017

#3 – Not Available.



Name: Chelsea

Age: 19

Interests/Hobbies: Reading, Writing, History, Movies, TV, Genetics,

Strengths/Positives: I like to think that I’m very good at listening to people, and giving them a shoulder to cry on. My father always said that I have “a sort of quiet strength,” so I like to think that too. =)

Weaknesses/Negatives: Although I can listen to both sides of an argument, I can be bullheaded and stubborn. In addition to this, the Aries in me can sometimes make me overly competitive or rash.

What do you love?: History. Writing.

What do you hate?: Math. Annoying people.

Describe yourself in three words: Quiet, intelligent, unassuming.

What do you fear most?: Frankly, being unintelligent and unloved.

Do you prefer to be stamped as a male or female character, or does it matter?: I would prefer to be a female character, but I can see how that doesn’t always work out. So I guess either one then.



Duty or Adventure?: Duty – I like to be dependable.

Forgiveness or Revenge?: Forgiveness.

Lust or Innocence?: Lust.

Beauty or Brains?: Brains – smart men are sexy!

Love or Ambition?: Love. Any day.



Discrete or Tactless?: Discrete, definitely.

Manipulative or Unassuming?: Unassuming.

Dispassionate or Emotional?: Emotional.

Leader or Follower?: Follower in subjects I’m uncomfortable with, leader in my favorite subjects.

Outspoken or Shy?: Shy.

Arrogant or Humble?: A strange mix. Hmm…

Shrewd or Naive?: A little bit of both, honestly. It depends on the area again.



Who is your favorite Rome character and why?: Well, I really liked Eirene and Lucius Vorenus. I like Eirene because I typically sympathize with the underdog, and because I admired her ability to take what was coming to her and metaphorically roll with the punches. Lucius appealed to me because he was such a good, solid man. Smart and dependable – two qualities that make me respect him a great deal.

Who do you relate to the most?: Eirene and Lucius equally. I think that I related most to Lucius Vorenus, because I know how it feels to lose people close to you. And Eirene because I also know what its like to have to buckle under and just take it. Although certainly not to the level she endured.

Who is your least favorite Rome character and why?: Servilia. I feel like she let her grief turn her into an ugly vindictive woman. I feel like she let it transform her into something she never would have been otherwise, and I disliked the person she became.

Do you have a favorite quote from the series? If so, what is it?: I really like the entirety of the script equally.



How do you accomplish your goals?: I think on what I need to do, and plan things out. I may procrastinate sometimes, but I always strive to get things done regardless.

Rome is slipping farther away from its republican days and into a dictatorship. Where do you see yourself amid the chaos? Where do your allegiances lie?: I feel like I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to an empire and that I would more than likely end up some sort of middle class merchant, so I’m not that into politics. If I was a noble, I probably wouldn’t be noticed too much. As far as allegiances, they would have to go to Octavian as long as Caesar is dead. But if he wasn’t, I would be all for Caesar!

Brutus and Cassius: tyrant killers or filthy murderers?: Filthy murderers!

A member of another powerful and influential family has insulted one of your own. What do you do about it?: I mete out a just punishment, then forgive. No one messes with my family.


Anything else you think we should know?:

[Optional!] Feel free to give us a brief description of yourself or a picture (image or URL): Me? I have dark brown, wavy hair, hazel eyes, and pale skin that somehow manages to never burn. 


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Current Music: "Nara" by E.S. Posthumus