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14 February 2010 @ 11:25 pm
Jupiter's Stone// Regular Application  

To begin, please vote on three previous unstamped applications (if available) and place the links here:
#1 community.livejournal.com/rome_stamp/7471.html-
#2 community.livejournal.com/rome_stamp/7170.html-
#3 community.livejournal.com/rome_stamp/6424.html-

Name: Lauren
Age: 17
Interests/Hobbies: Running, volleyball, training, reading, psychology, music, practicing, baking
Strengths/Positives: Determined, private, diligent, sarcastic, moderately unintelligent, shy, serious, in control, hardworking, independant, powerful, observant, kind, gentle, tender, loving.
Weaknesses/Negatives: Stubborn, stoic to the point of being infuriating, too tender, suppressing my emotions to the point they boil over.
What do you love?:
What do you hate?:
Describe yourself in three words: Serious, minxlike, strong.
What do you fear most?: Not being able to feel.
Do you prefer to be stamped as a male or female character, or does it matter?: Doesn't matter.

Duty or Adventure?: Adventure.
Forgiveness or Revenge?: Forgiveness.
Lust or Innocence?: Both XD
Beauty or Brains?: Brains, but one is more liable to have people listen to you if they have both.
Love or Ambition?: Love, but ambition is an entirely different part of my life. I tend to keep the two seperate.

Discrete or Tactless?: Discrete, but tactless if need be.
Manipulative or Unassuming?: I don't mean to be manipulative, because it is a negative trait, but sometimes I can't help it.
Dispassionate or Emotional?: I present a serious front, but break past that and I'm extremely emotional.
Leader or Follower?: Leader, definitely. I don't like to follow anybody, but I can if need be. However, I tend not to think of myself as part of a group, although I may present that way. I think of myself as an individual.
Outspoken or Shy?: Shy, but not a pushover. I'm a very strong individual. I'm  quiet, but what I say counts for much.
Arrogant or Humble?: Humble, I don't like to toot my own horn.
Shrewd or Naive?: I can be shrewd, but a lot of the time I'm very naiive, especially when it comes to relationships.

Who is your favorite Rome character and why?: Probably Posca, just for his dry sense of humor.
Who do you relate to the most?: Probably a mixture of Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Octavian. I'm Gaius Octavian in the way I can be highly intelligent yet cold and distant to people, believing I'm better than them, and Marcus Junius Brutus, having such love for someone but knowing what needs to be done.
Who is your least favorite Rome character and why?: Any of the women in the series. I hate the word, but they all seem completely bitchy to me |D
Do you have a favorite quote from the series? If so, what is it?: None.

How do you accomplish your goals?: By observing and then strategically taking the steps needed reach them.
Rome is slipping farther away from its republican days and into a dictatorship. Where do you see yourself amid the chaos? Where do your allegiances lie?: Definitely closer to the republic.
Brutus and Cassius: tyrant killers or filthy murderers?: Both, actually. But I'm leaning towards 'filthy murderers', especially on Cassius's part.
A member of another powerful and influential family has insulted one of your own. What do you do about it?: Get even.

Anything else you think we should know?: I LIKE TURTLES. -little kid lisp-
[Optional!] Feel free to give us a brief description of yourself or a picture (image or URL):

Current Location: Bed.
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Current Music: Hallelujah- KD Lang
latemarchlatemarch on March 9th, 2010 05:58 am (UTC)
As soon as you said "Serious, minxlike, strong," my mind was made up - Cleopatra.